The Service crews of AM-PM Roadside Assistance are separated by their purpose in order to function better and minimize the time for response.

The company provides 24h services in all categories. The dispatch department and the units on the road are striving to provide assistance within 30 to 45 min from the moment a call takes place, for every emergency.

Some of the services provided by our company are:

  1. Towing
  2. Recovery
  3. Road Assistance


Towing is very specific type of service, involving safety measures, that need to be taken and knowledge how to transport a vehicle safely from one location to another. In order to get a professional help to take care of your towing needs, and perform safe and damage-free tow for you, please contact our office. The Customer Service or Dispatch Departments will be happy to help you.


Recovery is a type of service, involving pulling out a vehicle of a sights where it is access or impossible to drive off. Some times this type of service is required if the vehicle is Off the road, in a ditch or have been involved in an accident. Winching the Vehicle sometimes is required in order to pull it out from difficult sight (like ditches or off-road).

Roadside Assistance

The most common needed type of service, Roadside Assistance means light type of service that will help you to get back on the road - most likely Tire Change or Battery Service. Roadside Assistance can vary, involving sometimes skills like car lock out, or knowledge about appropriate battery service, testing and replacement.

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